Desert Carnivale

by Traffic Junky

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GaryOwhere Epic, loco-motive power rock. Unique transmogrifying vocals, muscular confident musicianship, Can't stop listening to this! Favorite track: Man Behind the Sun.
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released October 14, 2016

Dominik Piechowski - Bass
Dariusz Krasowski - Vocals
Bartosz Podębski - Drums
Paweł Rychta - Guitar

Nagrano w JNS studio
Realizacja, mix i mastering: Paweł "Janos" grabowski - JNS studio

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Traffic Junky Olsztyn, Poland

Traffic Junky is a unique combination of classic rock and modern riffs. The band's music takes you back to the hard rock days of the 70s, while at the same time containing a lot of grunge and stoner rock. Influences from the greatest rock bands are gently mixed with psychedelic desert dust, while the mesmerizing sounds can suddenly turn into a huge wall of heavy-guitar smash. ... more

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Track Name: Man Behind the Sun
Cloudless sky heralds a wave of good faith
Cause finally it will end after all
One two three, one two three, one two three four five
With cold barrel of body, a dark night

I'm going back to hell on the rainbow
For my last duty
Through streets as the weight of air
I stood at the edge of a day

I flow with the most horrible night, but where?
Now it doesn't matter, eyes will close, return into life as doors,
hands like wood, legs like stone, my mind is going insane
From under feet the world flooded with the narrow stream of blood

No longer friends with me - they hid themselves
Living death beats the bell, cuts it into strings
Dancing it will play a joyful tone for living
With snares tickle my ears
Track Name: The Ones That We Want
Day after day, the time goes by
Passing me slowly, don't know why
I need relief from memories
From flood of thoughts that tortures me

For every day you live
You will find things worth something
We exactly are the ones that we want!
Don't try to change the world
Just look what you've become
We exactly are the ones that we want!

And now I'm walking down the street
And darkness enveloped my eyes
Could anything surprise me now?
Your perfect world's no longer mine.
Track Name: Dignity
Tell me! What do you really want from life?
Cause it's so easy you can pick it from the ground.
Brother! Nothing comes to you for free.
Life is too short, and do your best to make it sweet.

Tell yourself!
Who is your god to whom you will pray?
Tell yourself!
What is the price you will have to pay?

Hey sister! Don't you really understand?
You are selling yourself, and that's not what I demand.
Lady! Keep it up and be condemned.
Thy dignity fell to the depths of hell and burns.

My friend, spread your wings so wide.
Fly and show me how you fight for your dreams.
My foe, just give up your hate.
Trust me. You don't want me to wait.
Track Name: Desert Carnivalé
We march away at dawn
Take all your toys
The long journey waits for us
Don't hesitate. Something will happen

Desert dust surrounds us in the blink
Of an eye. In the light
Sandy music embraced you
Not heaven but underworld is on the way

Like a devil's touch,
It drags our feeling out
Dancing with the devil
Let it go; set me free
Dancing with the devil

Scream like a volley from huge cannons
Wheels spin and catch
Wave with a flag and never give up
None of your friends will leave you now

Look back and see how much we are
It's only a handful
First in the queue you have to be
To lead the desert carnivale

Dry your face with desert dust
Your smile is changing you
The devil greased our string
To hit the infernal bell today
Track Name: Life After Life
How ill it be when your soul burns down?
I will stand before the face of God
My body shivers. I can't see me now
I don't have much time, no chances to run

Why he allows me to die?
Why I can't be alive?

Exactly in an hour someone hits the bell
Which certainly will end with my sudden death
I sit in my cell and think what will come
I don't have much time, no chances to run

Here comes the priest to absolve my sins
I look at the bars, and I see my guilt
Life for me meant a lot
Now I will lose it sooner than I thought

I made a mistake, I killed my brother
With a smile on my face
I played the role of the butcher
An eye for an eye and a tooth for tooth
Track Name: Hercules
We sailed in the name of god under the leadership
Of Captain jack. We all know that he is cursed and sick
In his eyes we saw the desire for wealth
Nobody was able to oppose. We couldn't fight him back.

We all know death awaits us there
But the ship sails on and on
Nobody was able to turn back home
And ship sails on

Behind the mist, we saw the land. There was no life
Only memories of fallen warriors' souls
How foolish our crew became either was Jack
Even the captain didn't know what was waiting there

First step and the last breath
We felt the demon's hand
Cursed Jack raised his hook
"Let's do it for the fame"
I looked into his eyes
Behind horrific beast
Prepare for restless fight
Let's do it for the fame!
Track Name: Evil Woman
She was born with a knife in her hand
Could it be she will cut your gland?
Arise from the demon's seed and whine
She chose a victim and broke the line

He was born with a sin in his hand
Could it be he is under command?
Crime and sin turn into law and pride
No one can hear your scream...
She is your bride

Evil Woman
Burn me alive
Evil Woman
I'm loosing my mind
Evil Woman
Take me away
Wicked Dancer, I will pray

Every night she is sitting on you
You wonder why... is this really true?
Candle and pain, where is my red rose?

Saw the world through the mirror crashed
Seven years have gone to past
But I'm free now, magic is gone
Blood is on my hand, nightmare is gone.
Track Name: In the City of Lost Souls
Please don't let me go
My spirits can't go down,
waiting for a wave
to come and be undone

Letters of my love
are getting old and gray.
Would you understand
I'm going far away?

I'm leaving tomorrow.
Can you bring me back my dreams?
I'll leave you in sorrow,
if your lips can't touch my skin.

Middle of the night,
It must be divine art.
It's really warmed up here
But I can tell you why

Your breath caresses my neck.
Red wine spills around.
I really warm up here,
but I can't tell you why

A clouded sky reveals
all my past mistakes
Only I would know
how much it really takes

I still believe that one day
I'll see you at the end
I guess you will remind me
your old good charming friend.

Now I'm close to you
in the city of lost souls
and I know
only I can
make the things go better.
Now I'm close to you
in the city of lost souls,
and I know
only I can
leave you here tomorrow.
Track Name: Little Boy
How much is worth a human life?
Do it loud with a piercing knife.
How many must die? What was the plan?
We shall never lament for the man.
Early morning, sun was shining brightly.
Old woman screams: "Look! Parachute!"
Suddenly, the sun is eclipsed.
From now on, history was fixed.

Hey gods from overseas,
who is going to miss the trees?
What happens with all of them?
Our little friend, our true gem!

Full of power,
guts filled with pride.
Did so many die
just to see this guy?
Like a razor's edge,
cut the thickest string.
This little boy,
is it still a toy?

Rain will never be the same again.
How do we live with this bloody chain?
We built a tower of flesh and blood.
Was like a scorching solar flood.
Even today, we feel that smell.
If I had to point to where is the hell,
I wouldn't show you where Satan lives.
Little boy and eternal life he gives.
Track Name: One Shot One Kill
I was born to kill, I was born to live.
They created me to cut off your head
Thousands of sinners paid a high price
Thousands of innocents sold souls for free.

Last order, last chance to kill the biggest one
He's so far away and hiding his beak.
He controls his army and collects human's tools
I need to cut off, I was born to shoot him down.

One shot, one kill
My gun rips your guts out
One shot, one kill
Maybe two or maybe three
One shot, one kill
Death is calling you
One shot, one kill
Pray, because I'm close.

I get there at the heart of the eastern jungle
I took position and prepared the weapon
Hands no longer tremble, I killed so many lives
Look in the glass, look at the past...
Time stands still...

The missile glides into his skull
It seems to me that it takes forever
Suddenly the blood spurts, so much pain
The devil is dead, the sinner is dead, dead, dead.
Track Name: Becky
The guns are loaded and the belts are black
My horny woman she stays and cries
My sense is coming I feel your stink
In a few seconds you will smell the sand

In the blink of an eye
I'll show her now
She's a sexy, shiny beast
And her name is Becky

Are you ready to say goodbye
Even your mare will not cry
At the zenith, you must stand and fight
Your hand is trembling and eyes go blind
This is the last show for people's fun
Cause there are no pigs to shoot'em down